Day 3: Chollerford to Once Brewed

Day 3

I was surprised how well I was feeling when I woke up. I could walk around without too much discomfort and, although the tent had been roasting me alive in the early-morning sun, I was ready to trek on again.

The road from Chollerford led up a beast of a hill and on arriving at the summit found a descent stretch of wall, along with a gaggle of other walkers. Yvette was having trouble at her feet and muscles though, and so a couple of miles further on, she (after struggling to get over ladder stiles: the bane of our existence) decided to call it quits for the day and instead took the bus to our destination and rest up.

We other three carried on but, as the terrain became much more hilly, I in particular was beginning to lag. Not to be outdone by a couple of girls I ventured on, but the final descent of the day defeated me as I was getting shooting pains in my knees any time I headed downhill. Alice shuttled my bag for that last drop!

It was a further 2 miles down a road before we got to our campsite for the night, Hadrian's Caravan and Campsite, and our dinner of stir-fry (very impressive!) was eaten in the cosiness of Mel and Yvette's tent out of the cold wind that was blowign up the valley. It was at around this point that we decided we were truly incapable of carryign our bags the whole way and I frantically rang various numbers ot check out a system by which we could ferry our bags to the next stop and do the next day's walk without needing to carry them the 18 miles we had coming...