WereBears on the Web

The main place to visit for an official WereBears fix is the recently-launched WereBears website at www.werebears.co.uk.

Since I began putting this site together, interest in the WereBears has increased massively, and it's fantastic that George Nicholas has launched the official website above. The WereBears are even on MySpace at Baron Eggon Baconburger's MySpace page.

They also crop up in a couple of other places...

* More and more bears have begun to appear on eBay.

* They have been added to the fantastic DoYouRemember.co.uk.

* They are mentioned in the Teddy Bear Times history of teddy bears.

The ONLY other site I found about WereBears (the real ones, not the dungeons and dragons sort) was at www.verbalvoodoo.org, but the WereBear stuff has sadly disappeared.

I have now added the WereBears to Wikipedia and encourage you to add to their entry!

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