An original boxed (and therefore incredibly rare) Growler


A few years after the original WereBears went on sale, George Nicholas Creations produced a set of enemies to the WereBears. These were called the Terror Teds - Munch, Chomp, Grunt and Snapper - and were created by Witch Hazel and her one-eyed owl, Squint. The Terror Teds each came with their own story tape in which they battled against the WereBears, but were always beaten (yay!)

Growler was a fifth WereBear to be created by Baron Egon Baconburger in an attempt to defeat the Terror Teds once-and-for-all. He's taller than the other bears, wears a very fancy pair of blue shorts, and has a badge on his chest that lets out an enormous "HOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLL" when you press it.

In his story, we hear that the WereBears are trying to escape from the Terror Teds by climbing up a big mountain. Grizzler's fear of heights gets the better of him and he begins to panic as he turns into a WereBear, which attracts the attention of the Terror Teds. The Terror Teds create an enormous snow ball that they roll down the mountain and manage to trap the WereBears under an avalanche. In order to prove to Witch Hazel that they managed to get rid of the WereBears, the Terror Teds head down the mountain to find Fang and Gums' hats, but Gums becomes claustrophobic from being caught under the snow and turns into a WereBear - digging the other bears out.

Growler arrives just before the Terror Teds, and carries the other bears down the mountain on a pair of skis. Using Gums' and Fang's hats, the WereBears fool the Terror Teds into climbing into a cable car, which they then stop while it's halfway up the mountain. However, just as the bears go to make their get-away, they are caught in a snowstorm...and lose Growler!