Grizzler - a dapper bear if ever I've seen one


Grizzler is evidently the fashionable bear, who wears a striped green and white sweater over his yellow fur. He has a pink face, paws and feet, but curiously doesn't have any shorts. Either that or he has yellow shorts that blend into the rest of his fur!

The "evil" face has two rows of pointed teeth (four teeth on each row), similar to Howler.

Grizzler's story sees him rescuing a boy from a building site after he kicks his football over the fence. Grizzler feels the need to save the boy because the site is guarded by enormous guard dogs. Chased by the dogs, Grizzler and the boy go up a lift, chased by the dogs. However, he turns into a WereBear when he gets scared of heights, and succeeds in scaring the guard dogs away to save the boy.