War of the Worlds Ulladubulla Redux

I'm a bit of a prog rock fan (read "overly-long and complicated music") and particularly admire Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds. With the recent resurgence in War of the Worlds, and the release of Ulladubulla II earlier this year, I rekindled my own love for the thing and decided to pay homage to it.

You see, there's some fantastic remixes of the songs form War of the Worlds around, but none of them presented as part of a coherent story like the original double album.

That's what I wanted to fix.

I've mixed and produced my own hour-long "redux" version of the full thing, using elements of dialogue and incidental music from the original 1978 album to tell the story, mixing this with selected extracts of remixes and mash-ups of the songs that are available on the Ulladubulla albums and various white labels that are floating around.

It also means I've been able to extend my favourite parts of the story (the Eve of the War and the Horsall Common extracts in particular) and reduce some of the chaff - namely the Red Weed!

I have made a .rar archive of the Redux album available for download, which features the full hour-long mix split into 17 tracks. The song breaks are edited to play seamlessly if you cue the tracks up in order, and they can be burnt to audio CD as an uninterrupted 17-track album (but remember to set a gap of 0 (zero) seconds between each track!)

I really hope you enjoy listening to an updated version of a truly classic album.

Download .RAR file with 17 individual tracks