Below are a selection of links you may find handy. Admittedly, there's links dotted all the way thorugh my site, but everyone else has a links page so I thought I might as well join in. - is a fantastic database of retro "stuff" from toys and games to computers, music, TV shows, films, sweets, and anything else you might remember from your youth! - another site that collects abandoned shopping lists.

Rick Wakeman Communication Centre - official website of the keyboard genius, Rick Wakeman. My single-most biggest musical influence - even if my stuff sounds nothing like his!

Emmanuel College, Cambridge - my old College, site of many nights that have been forgotten for one reason or another...

Club Acoustic - an acoustic music club (duh!) based in Buxton, Derbyshire. A really good place to go to hear some excellent musicians, or maybe join in yourself.

The Rays are a newly-formed band from Buxton in Derbyshire who sound like a cross bectween Oasis, Razorlight, Babyshambles and Paul Weller in his "Stanley Road" era. I used to play with three of the guys, and they're still as excellent as they ever were. - is a bit of a geek site for people interested in small form-factor PCs, but I love it to see the crazy things people have turned into PCs. Like a NES, for example.

F1 Fanatic - 100% F1 100% Unofficial 100% Free